Aldo Palma


<< Matter as sensuality, like a three dimensional tactile sensation, an universe that explode out of the frame. Virtuosity, sensitive, multifaceted. His matter is a primordial instinct, refined, not condescending, very strict, but in a dynamic emotions that reach from the outside >>

Thanks to his passion for maths and chemistry, Palma have developed in his long careeer his own extraordinary technics. With his great sensibility and an antropological link with the matter, Palma releases paints and sculptures (a mix of) free to expand in every direction (time and space) with extraordinary colours ( those red and yellow and gold ). A futuristic approach to contemporary art that take his origin from classic and mith (from Michelangelo’s Pietà, to Apollo of Veio, to Saint George and the dragon, until Leonardo’s Last Supper).