Lucio Casaroli

直到上世界80年代,Lucio Casaroli (1949)才将他的作品限定在家具、珠宝和商业商标的设计中。与Maestro Lattanzi的结识才催化他加入到意大利Schematism这个画家聚集的小圈子里。Casaroli对这一绘画活动做出了创新性的贡献,最初他将电脑整合在艺术创作的过程中,后又将摄影融入进去,两者现均被视为艺术家“工具箱”中不可或缺的工具。

他涉及科学咨询很长一段时间之后,在2010年,他接管了团体中的艺术活动,而这项任务也占据了他现在的大多数时间,活动不只限于Schematism,还有几何抽象艺术,到实物成形。他终生实验的目标就是获得最终的模型,最近几年,这位艺术家也开始尝试在新型材料上创作,如树脂玻璃和铝合金材料。 这一新型艺术主要受分形图的启发,与他数学家的教育(和职业)相一致。

Lucio Casaroli (Milano, 1949) until the years ‘80 of the last century dedicated his production to the design of furniture, jewelry and commercial logos. The frienship with maestro Lattanzi push him to join the small group of painters of the Italian Schematism. Casaroli gave an innovative contribution to this pictorial movement integrating the artisticprocess, first with the use of the computer and then the camera, both intended asadditional tools to complete the “artist’s toolbox”. After a long period during he wasactive in scientific advice, in 2010 he resumed the artistic activity, without the constraintsof belonging to a current. Now his artistic research is focused on the conquest of a final form, unpredictable andsurprising, syntactic but asemantic, which possess itself intrinsic and autonomous dignity. In the last years the artist start working on the project LIGHT the ART®, considering new materials such as plexiglas, aluminium and silk, with the support of light technology. The new artistic phase is inspired mainly by fractals, figures that are in tune with his skillsand profession of mathematician, but which take the path for a journey still to discover.

我们为室内设计公司推出了新品,一种灯光艺术装置— LIGHT the ART® 想要了解更多信息吗?

1 . 一种艺术灯光的室内新品

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3. 形状和大小可以定制

4. 百名艺术家艺术品的官方授权许可

A new interior decor products, suitable as art work and lightfor home, offices, hotels, exposition halls, customizablein size, shape and frame, with hundreds of artist’s imagesin a unique certificate edition.